Q01. What's difference Network-Zone has as compared to other training providers?

Q02. Where is Network-Zone Located?

Q03. What are the class hours?

Q04. What is the Maximum class Size?

Q05. What is 1-on-1 training?

Q06. Do I have to study through the course material before I come to class?

Q07. Do I have to pay before I come for the training?

Q08. What dates should I book my flights for?>

Q9. What if I want to stay longer then the course schedule dates?

Q10. Can I attend the training on a Tourist VISA ?

Q11. Can I extend my VISA while I am in India?

Q12. Do I need to take any health precautions/ vaccinations before I come to india?

Q13. How do I Travel to Delhi /India?

Q14. What is the Course material provided by Network-Zone?

Q15. What are the benefits of a bootcamp ?

Q16. What is the pass rate of your students?

Q17. Is it true that I am guaranteed to pass the exams?

Q18. Who will be the Instructors?

Q19. What methods of payment are accepted?

Q20. Can anyone take this course?

Q21. What kind of food do we eat?

Q22. Do I need to book my Hotel reservations?

Q23. Do I need to bring my own laptop?

Q24. What does the course fee include and how do I register ?

Q25. How many students are in each class?

Q26. When can students take the exam and is it possible finish early and leave?

Q27. What if I don't want all the expenses paid?

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